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Certified Creator


What’s up? We’re Surroundings Group/Nautical Network! 

We are a modern marketing and creative media agency operating globally with expertise in social-first digital solutions that thrust brands into the limelight.

Surroundings Group/Nautical Network is a creative hub fueled by youthful energy. We embrace rule-breaking, experimentation, and hypothesis testing to gain a deeper insight into our craft and allowing us to overcome adversity in situations where others don’t. Each member of our team—from creative minds to organizational wizards—plays a crucial role in our success by honing their skill sets, and together we turn personal strengths into collective triumphs.

We’re always on the lookout for new stars to join our constellation of brilliance at Surroundings Group/Nautical Network! If you’re a hands-on self-starter who thrives in the fast-paced digital world, looking to be a part of a team known for its excellence and collaboration with prominent brands—this is your call. We can’t wait to welcome you aboard!


The primary role of a Certified Creator is equivalent to that of a Filmmaker/Editor at Surroundings Group. Certified Creators create compelling content that is utilized throughout multiple different social media and digital platforms. Certified Creators perform work on a “as needed” basis. This multifaceted position encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities.


  • Concepting, shooting, editing projects from short form social reels to short films and lifestyle projects.
  • Mastering the ability to turn any branded content into a volume of social gold.
  • Collaborating with our creative and marketing teams to create social reels specific to clients brand guidelines.
  • Wrangling and rolling with your teammates to service rapid turnaround times, capture trending moments, and deliver and receive feedback, all while keeping a clear, enthusiastic, and proactive attitude towards content creation
  • Ability to make relevant content across all social media platforms and has extraordinary skills in at least Premier Pro and Photoshop.


  • Extensive experience with Premiere Pro and Photoshop 
  • Minimum Gear: Full Frame Camera (4k 60 Capable), Gimbal (DJI RS3 / RS2), Wide Angle Fixed Aperture Lens (16-35mm or comparable), Normal Range Fixed Aperture Lens (24-70mm), Wireless Lav Mic / Audio Recorder (Rode Wireless GO 2 / DJI Mic), On Camera Shotgun Mic, Drone (Mavic 3 / Air 2S or Newer), Drone ND Filters
  • Technical Expertise: Possessing advanced knowledge and skills in using photography and videography equipment, including cameras, lenses, gimbals, filters, and lighting
  • Drones: Demonstrate ability to safely operate, film, and photograph using a drone
  • Post-Processing Skills: Proficiency in editing and post-processing techniques using software: at minimum Premier Pro and Photoshop
  • Creative Vision: Demonstrating a strong artistic eye and the ability to visualize and capture compelling and visually stunning images or footage. 
  • Storytelling Ability: Understanding how to tell a story through their visual work, whether it’s a single photograph or a video production.



  • Part 107 FAA Certification
  • Travels regularly within the state, nationally, and internationally.
  • Demonstrate excellence in reliability, communication, and professionalism with the internal team, leadership, and clients. 
  • Flexibility in both shooting and editing understanding that some weeks may be all shooting and some may be mixed shooting and editing.
  • Demonstrates ability to take team and client feedback professionally and take steps to see the project through with a positive attitude.  
  • Sets an example for team members by maintaining professionalism in walk and talk, positive outlook, and motivation to grow skillset / role within the company.
  • Understands creative methodology expected to photograph people, spaces, and objects examples: video walkthrough, interview, interiors of a home or yacht, and / or product imagery for a car manufacturer or luxury watch retailer.


  • Possess advanced knowledge and skills in using photography and videography equipment, including cameras, lenses, gimbals, filters, and lighting.
  • Detailed knowledge of exposure, aperture, shutter, ISO, and white balance.
  • Experience using a gimbal for smooth movements (Push, Pull, Pan, Orbit).
  • Understanding of focal length and how to utilize different lenses.
  • Ability to use off-camera lighting.
  • Ability to use ND filters to correct exposure.
  • Drones: Demonstrate the ability to safely operate, film, and photograph using a drone.
  • Gimbal Movements: Fly Forward, Fly Backward, Fly and Pan up.
  • Tracking: Ability to track an object and orbit around it.
  • Hand Takeoff/Land: Ability to safely execute hand take-offs and landings.
  • Understanding of basic drone rules (Return to Home / Max Ceiling / Airports).
  • Post-Processing Skills: Proficiency in editing and post-processing techniques using software.
  • Ability to edit RAW Photos in Adobe Lightroom.
  • Ability to create/load custom presets.
  • Ability to color grade LOG video.
  • Video editing abilities in Premiere Pro, Final Cut, or Davinci Resolve.


Flexible, but when you give us your word for availability – you must keep it. Must be open to working weekends and travel at times. 

That’s It!

Surroundings Group LLC. & its Subsidiaries is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This means that Surroundings Group LLC. & its Subsidiaries provides equal employment opportunities to all staff members and job applicants without regard to gender, pregnancy, marital or civil partnership status, gender reassignment, race, disability, sexual orientation, religious belief, part time or fixed term employment, age or any other legally protected class.

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