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July 25, 2021

Wakeboarding on Lake Austin, Texas

The Nautical Network team consisting of three videographers and one drone pilot, took to the skies heading to Austin, Texas for a hybrid project requested by Discover Boating and National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

This project aimed to capture a series of thrilling wakeboarding shots and serene lifestyle scenes against the stunning backdrop of Lake Austin. Following three days of filming, the team returned to Tampa and began the editing process.

After one solid week of editing, we could proudly present a production that showcased women in boating—a production that exceeded our client’s expectations. Special shoutout to Tige Boats for their essential support with the boats used in this shoot.

• Client — Discover Boating and NMMA
• Location — Austin, Texas
• Turnaround time — 1 Week
• Session duration — 3 Full Days
• Scope of project — Showcase Women in Boating
• Members on site — 3 Video/Photographers, Drone Pilot