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January 21, 2021

Viking Valhalla

VIP Event Coverage

On Galati Yacht Sales’ request, our team of four headed down to Riviera Beach for two days of filming at the Viking Valhalla VIP event.

This annual event serves as a hub for current and future owners to have an exclusive preview of the latest additions to Viking Yachts’ and Valhalla Boatworks’ fleet, as well as other models on display at the Viking Yachts Service Center—this year included the launch of the Valhalla Boatworks V-46.

Our goal was to capture a full recap of the event, blending compelling drone footage of the surrounding areas with behind-the-scenes shots of the Galati crew, attendees, and the showcased vessels—edited and delivered to Galati Yacht Sales merely a week later.

• Client — Galati Yacht Sales
• Location — Riviera Beach
• Turnaround time — 1 Week
• Session duration — 2 Full Days
• Scope of project — Event Recap
• Members on site — 2 Video/Photographers, Drone Pilot, Social Media Specialist