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February 6, 2022

Ultimate Marine x HCB Yachts

— Behind the Scenes

When Ultimate Marine reached out to us and asked for unique video content to showcase their latest dealership with HCB Yachts, our team headed to Downtown Tampa ready for a full day of content creation.

Our team, including two videographers, a drone pilot, and a social media strategist, partnered to capture the elegance of the HCB Yachts, particularly the 42’ Lujo and the 54’ Sueños.

After eight hours of filming and one week of editing, we proudly presented Ultimate Marine with a series of polished deliverables that not only showcased the vessels—but also harmonized with their brand image and local roots in the Tampa Bay area.

• Client — Ultimate Marine and HCB Yachts
• Location — Downtown Tampa
• Turnaround time — 1 Week
• Session duration — 8 Hours
• Scope of project — New Dealership of HCB Yachts
• Members on site — 2 Videographers, 1 Drone Pilot, 1 Social Media Specialist