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November 15, 2020

Tom George Yacht Group

— Brand Story Video

With our equipment in tow, we set off for a brief drive to Dunedin, Florida, to work with the Tom George Yacht Group. Our mission was to craft a narrative that highlighted their brand journey, the scope of their services, and the passionate people behind the brand. Over two days, our four-member team captured the essence of TGYG through the lens of the camera with in-action footage, personal interviews, and drone videos of the marina setting.

After two weeks of editing, we produced an exceptional video that redefined their brand identity and communicated their foundational ‘why’—ready for use across all their online platforms.

• Client — Tom George Yacht Group
• Location — Dunedin, Florida
• Turnaround time — 2 Weeks
• Session duration — 2 Full Days
• Scope of project — Brand Story
• Members on site — 2 Video/Photographers, Producer, Drone Pilot