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December 2, 2022

Scout Boats 530 LXF

Scout Boats approached us to update their website with fresh content for the 530 LXF model. Our three-member team—including a drone pilot, videographer/photographer, and social media specialist—along with two hired models, set out to Miami for a full day of content creation.

The 8-hour shoot, starting in Miami and moving down to the Florida Keys, included listing-style photos, model highlight videos, drone shots, and lifestyle content featuring the models.

Back at Nautical Network headquarters, we began the editing process, and within a week, we provided the client with a set of deliverables that beautifully illustrated the diverse uses of this exceptional boat.

• Client — Scout Boats
• Location — Miami / Florida Keys
• Turnaround time — 1 Week
• Session duration — 8 Hours
• Scope of project — Multi-Purpose Content Creation
• Members on site — Drone Pilot, Photo/Videographer, Social Media Specialist