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October 27-31, 2021

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2021

Join us behind the helm of some of the world’s most prestigious boats at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show!

Onsite in the yachting capital, our Nautical Network team of eight provided content creation and social media management for leading industry brands over four dynamic days.

Filmed three years ago, this video not only captures the essence of FLIBS but also showcases our growth journey—from serving a few clients with a team of eight to now managing 15-20 clients with a significantly expanded team.

• Client — Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
• Location — Fort Lauderdale, Florida
• Turnaround time — 1 Week
• Session duration — 4 Full Days
• Scope of project — Content Creation for Exhibiting Clients
• Members on site — 5 Video/Photographers, Drone Pilot, 2 Social Media Specialists