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March 4,2021

Aquila 70′

New Model Release

Answering the call from Aquila Power Catamarans and Marinemax, two videographers from our Nautical Network team ventured to Clearwater, Florida. Our mission? To showcase Aquila’s new 70’ model. Throughout a three-day filming session, our team captured the serene lifestyle aboard the yacht, highlighting key features, and aerial cruising shots—all beautifully complemented by the backdrop of untouched beaches and clear turquoise waters.

Back at the office, after two weeks of editing, we were able to deliver a compelling video that beautifully showcased and truly embodied the serenity and elegance of the Aquila 70.

• Client — Aquila Power Catamarans
• Location — Clearwater, Florida
• Turnaround time — 2 Weeks
• Session duration — 3 Full Days
• Scope of project — Lifestyle/Model Highlight
• Members on site — 2 Video/Photographers