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MIBS 2024: Elevate Your Experience With Nautical Network

february 8, 2024

MIBS 2024

Five Days, Infinite Maritime Pleasures

Miami International Boat Show transforms Miami, Florida, into a bustling hub of nautical innovation, networking, and sales—attracting over 100,000 visitors from across the globe. 

MIBS has since its origins back in 1941, thrived and expanded significantly. Continuously offering attendees an unparalleled opportunity to explore the latest maritime technology, network with industry professionals, and get a taste of the maritime lifestyle—rightfully earned the reputation of being one of the most important boat shows worldwide.

Nautical Network’s presence before and under the show plays a pivotal role for exhibitors and visitors alike, offering a virtual gateway for those unable to attend in person as well as enhancing the on-site experience. Through interactive content, live updates, and extensive coverage, we ensure that the essence of the show is accessible worldwide, maximizing exhibitors’ exposure and enhancing attendees’ experiences.

This article is about how you can make the most out of your attendance at MIBS, whether you’re an exhibitor seeking to maximize your brand’s impact or a visitor eager to explore the event—on-site and afar.

Miami International Boat Show

A Catalyst For Economic Growth

MIBS is not just a gathering of maritime elegance but a significant economic powerhouse for Miami and the entire state of Florida.

With an estimated economic impact of $955.6 million during last year’s event, it’s clear that the show’s influence extends far beyond the immediate marine industry, contributing significantly to local and state economies through sales, taxes, and job creation.

Key figures from the Economic Impact 2022

The 2022 edition generated an estimated $955.6 million in economic impact throughout the state of Florida, resulting from marine industry sales and travel/entertainment expenditures by Boat Show exhibitors and attendees.

5,000 full-time and part-time jobs throughout Florida, associated with a state-wide personal income impact output of $315 million.

Total estimated sales for exhibitors during the Boat Show reached $642 million.

Total sales and local taxes generated state-wide because of the Boat Show were an estimated $49.07 million.

Navigate MIBS 2024

Diverse Experiences Across Six Venues

The show’s expansive layout across six locations is a testament to its scale and diversity.

Each venue offers a unique slice of the marine industry, from the latest yacht models and marine technologies to educational seminars and lifestyle experiences.


Attendees can navigate between:

Miami Beach Convention Center

Where you can explore a vast array of boats up to 49’, marine accessories, and cutting-edge technologies.

Pride Park

If you want to participate in lifestyle activities, deepen your knowledge with seminars, and enjoy culinary delights.

Herald Plaza

Is the place to be for those ready to immerse themselves with luxury yachts and powerboats 30′ to 125′, and catch a glimpse into the high-end boating lifestyle.

Venetian Marina

Get a sneek-peek of life on water with hands-on experiences, sea trials and test drives of 75 boats available.

Museum Park Marina

Is the place for visitors keen for sailing, catamarans, and sailing accessories.

Yacht Haven Grande Miami

Where you’ll elevate your visit with an exclusive VIP experience among the enclave of superyachts.

Each year, the show serves as a stage for groundbreaking launches, with this edition featuring the highly anticipated debut of Benetti’s ‘Grateful.’ This vessel stands out for its unique design and luxurious amenities, exemplifying the innovation and craftsmanship that define the industry’s latest offerings.

Charting Growth

Nautical Network's Influence

Looking back on our first attendance with a small team of three members, housed over an hour’s drive from the show, that served a single client back in 2019 was the start of a successful journey to unfold. 

Nautical Network’s presence at the show has grown exponentially and has become a matter of course for ourselves and our clients. Today, we’re hosting dinners, having breakfast meetings, bringing in guest speakers, and working in three nearby villas acting as our office for five days.

Our team of 30 on-site members provides content creation with overnight turnaround times, enabling over 20 clients to post relevant content for their audience at the break of dawn, and the benefit of reaching over 1 million unique viewers globally through our network. We’re not here by chance, our growth is a testament to the value we bring to the show, its visitors, and our clients—showcasing the influence and ability to enhance the attendee experience and elevate exhibitors’ exposure.

Our expansive network connects boat owners, enthusiasts, brokers, and professionals, serving as a vital resource for navigating the show. By offering pre-show advertising as well as real-time updates, we bridge the gap between exhibitors and visitors, ‘paving the waves’ for a more engaging and fruitful experience for all parties involved.

Elevate Your Attendance

The Nautical Network Advantage

The vastness of the Miami International Boat Show, with 1000 brands showcasing over 1000 boats, can feel overwhelming to some visitors.

Nautical Network simplifies the experience for visitors and exhibitors alike, our expertise allows us to guide enthusiasts to the exhibits, launches, and experiences that best match their interests while also being on hand for exhibitors to capture the attention of their target audience through strategic content that amplifies their output and magnifies their showcase.

Our on-site services relieve exhibitors of the burden of content creation and strategic marketing, allowing them to concentrate on the most important part of the show—engaging with potential customers. Our sole marine-specific focus and keen insight into the ever-changing landscape of social media and consumer behavior, enable us to craft content that speaks directly to your audience, guaranteeing your brand stands out among the abundance of attention-grabbing boots.

Explore MIBS 2024 with Nautical Network


Whether you’re among the 100.000 attending the show on-site or joining us virtually, Nautical Network is your reliable compass.

We’re here to guide you through the event, to point you in the right direction regardless if you’re looking to attend launches and in-waters tests or explore the vast sea of sensational vessels—every preference and interest is taken into account, so you can make the most out of your visit.

For those unable to attend in person, our channels offer a virtual experience, bringing the show’s excitement directly to you. Through live updates and virtual tours that place you behind the helm, we ensure you’re connected to the heart of the action, wherever you are.

Join us at this year’s Miami International Boat Show, where your experience is elevated with our network—whether you’re a boat enthusiast eager to navigate the highlights or an exhibitor ready to make a splash in the market. 

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