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Miami International Boat Show — 5 Days, 620 Projects!

February 21, 2024

Miami International Boat Show 2024

5 Days, 620 Visual Projects, 3 Million Reached Worldwide

As expected, the Miami International Boat Show once again drew around 100,000 visitors from every corner of the globe. Set against the dazzling backdrop of Miami, maritime enthusiasts explored the latest industry innovations, stepped aboard yachts for sale, and experienced a taste of life at sea through on-water demos.

Among the 100.000 visitors, Nautical Network and our 25 team members stationed in Miami served 20 clients. Over the five days, we managed to execute 120 video projects and 500 photo sessions, all of which were edited and delivered to our clients before the show came to an end.

Our distant audience turned in from afar, boasted an impressive reach of 3 million unique users from Wednesday to Sunday. Throughout the show, they stayed updated with the show’s highlights, joined us in action behind the scenes, and engaged with content from our clients distributed on our channels.

Back in Tampa, we collectively celebrate the fact that this year’s show was our most successful yet in terms of deliverables, and most importantly, that we left Miami with unanimous client satisfaction.

Until next year, MIBS!

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